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A club is defined not by the boundaries of its walls but by the breadth of its members. At The Standard Club, members are our lifeblood. Active, astute and involved, they contribute in innumerable ways to the vitality of our Club and our community.

Ongoing Club programs are shaped by our commitment to understanding and responding to the ever-changing interests of members. Because building relationships with peers is perhaps the greatest privilege and benefit of membership in the Club, we've established special events and professional programs to provide a setting for social interaction, lively discussions, and the sharing of ideas and values.

From dinner theater events and private art and museum tours to Club parties, family events and speaking engagements featuring national and global figures, our programs continue to reflect the diversity of our membership and their range of interests.

In keeping with our overall belief in maintaining the highest possible standards of performance, each event is planned and executed with both spirit and a dedication to detail.

Club parties range from casual get-togethers to formal dinners, and are conceived with the kind of focus and flair that bring members together in congenial social settings. These events are often made more memorable by bringing Chicago's cultural community to our own social community. Exclusive previews, behind-the-scenes access, and preferred seating at theater, special symphony performances, sporting events and popular concerts make our events once-in-a-lifetime experiences for members, their families and guests.