The Standard Club excels at creating and producing the finest kosher events in Chicago for members, their guests, and our Approved Organizations, with special attention to every detail. For your kosher event, we will work closely with you and Danziger "The Ultimate in Kosher Catering" to plan a customized menu. Your meal will be prepared under strict rabbinical supervision in one of our kitchens, specially kashered for your event.

If your event does not require strict kosher catering, we can take special care in planning your menu—keeping kosher standards of a meat, dairy, or parve menu in mind—and we will prepare your food in our kitchen without rabbinical supervision. Or, if there are only a few guests in attendance who keep kosher, we can provide them with a delicious pre-prepared kosher meals which are always available.

Please contact our Catering staff directly to discuss a particular kosher need.

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