Room Dimensions and Floor Plans


Microphones & Audio Accesories
Wireless Handheld Microphone
Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Standing podium, with microphone
Standing podium, without microphone
Microphone with Table or Floor Stand Audio Mixer with 4,6,8 or 12 inputs
16 Channel Press Feed
Speaker with Stand
CD player
MP3 Recorder

Video Players
DVD Player
Seamless VGA Switcher

Video Data Monitor
32" Flat Screen Monitor
42" Plasma Monitor with Stand
60" Plasma Monitor with Stand


Computers & Monitors

Laptop with DVD and Microsoft Office
17" LCD Flat Screen Data Monitor
20" LCD Flat Screen Data Monitor
Computer Portable Speakers
Computer Audio Direct Box Kit
Wireless Advancer
Laser Printer

Video/Data Projectors
LCD Projector, XGA 3000 Lumens
LCD Projector, XGA 4000 Lumens

LCD Projector, SXGA 5000 Lumens

LCD Projector, SXGA 6500 Lumens

LCD Projector, SXGA 10,000 Lumens


6' Tripod Screen
8' Tripod Screen
10' X 10' Pole & Cradle Screen
6' X 8' Fastfold Screen with Trim
7.5' X 10' Fastfold Screen with Trim
9' X 12' Fastfold Screen with Trim

Miscellaneous Equipment

AV cart with skirt and power
Laser Pointer
Flipchart with Pad/Markers and Tape
Whiteboard with Markers and Eraser
Gentner Teleconference System
Polycom Teleconference Phone
Speaker Timer
VGA Distribution Amp


Labor minimum hours apply on all technical personnel. Prices for equipment are available upon request. Technicians are available at an additional charge. Applicable taxes on rental and sale items.



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